Holly Jolly Athens

When Athens pops up into a conversation, the words that usually come to mind to describe it are the likes of “sunny”, “summer” and “sea”. While Athens might not be a winter holiday destination the way other snowy cities are, many lovely traditions and tasty seasonal foods are there to tempt you. The most magical time of the year is truly unique in the Greek capital.

Come wintertime, the whole city lights up as it’s decorated throughout with festive lights. The capital pulses with life as Athenians are out and about in squares and alleyways enjoying the sparkle of Christmas. People are shopping for gifts, decorating their homes and preparing for family feasts.

Greek Christmas traditions remain a deep-rooted part of the culture. Whether it’s children singing Christmas carols, families and friends sharing a lovely Christmas dinner or youngsters partying and playing cards all night long on New Year’s, Greeks know how to liven the festive spirit.

Then there is food. The Greek habit of cooking huge quantities and varieties of food, with the extended family meal stretching well into dinner, is very prominent during holidays. As far as sweet delicacies go, Greeks usually fall into one of two camps: those who love melomakarona and those who go nuts for kourampiedes. Melomakarona are syrupy, oil-based biscuits while Kourabiedes are crumbly, buttery walnut cookies covered in powdered sugar.

Tis the season to be jolly, why not spend it in Athens?

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