Rhodes the Island of the Knights

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands and the fourth largest island in Greece. It is strategically located at the crossroads between two major Mediterranean Sea routes, the Aegean Sea and the Middle East coast. The island has inhabited by different people over the centuries leaving both their cultural and architectural mark.

The island is characterized by its Medieval City declared an UNESCO World Heritage City. Wandering through the streets within the walls, you will feel like being transferred into the Knights period. With no doubt, the most obvious influences are those of the Order of the Knights of St. John as well as the Ottomans.

Today the medieval city is very lively and colorful with unlimited shopping and dining options. The highlights of the city are the Grand Master’s Palace, the boulevard of the Knights, the Archaeological Museum, the Clock Tower, Kastellania and Socrates Street. Exiting the Walls, you will come across Mandraki, the old harbor. At the entrance of Mandraki harbor you will see two columns with deers on top, the Windmills and the cathedral of Rhodes.

The myth says that the statue of the Colossus of Rhodes was standing right there, at the entrance of the port.

Walking along the promenade you will get to Elli beach, the main organized and vibrant beach of the town of Rhodes. Other major attractions in the city of Rhodes include Monte Smith hill with the Acropolis and the Aquarium.

The must visit places on the island include Lindos, that resembles the Cyclades, Kallithea and Afantou beach, Anthony Quinn beach, the Butterfly Park, the ancient city of Kamiros and the mountain village of Embonas.

The island has a very strong touristic infrastructure with an international airport, port and unlimited all stars hotel options.


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