Hydra a glamorous island in the Saronic Gulf

This pure gem of a Greek Island in the Saronic Gulf is one of the most romantic weekend gateways from Athens.

The islanders use around 500 donkeys as means of public transportation, there are no cars or motorbikes, this is one of many reasons why Hydra preserves its distinctive atmosphere and character through the passage of time, with its traditional stone mansions, narrow cobble stoned streets, quaint secluded squares.

Today it is easy for the visitor to understand that Hydra is a magnet for the international jet-set, and also beloved by writers, painters and photographers. The island experienced an exceptional economic growth in the past, thanks to its great naval and commercial activity. Hydra’s powerful fleet also participated in many crucial sea battles, significantly to the War of Independence of 1821.

It is also a surprising fact, that such a tiny island is actually the birthplace of five of Greece’s Prime Ministers.

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